Sheriff Stars Printable

Sheriff Stars Printable

Sheriff stars to print and color

Beautiful and original drawings of sheriff stars that you can download for free to color.

How to make a sheriff star?
With these drawings you can make a sheriff's star for your cowboy costume in a couple of minutes.

1. I recommend doing the printing on cardboard paper and if you don't have it, print it on normal paper and stick it on a piece of cardboard or foam rubber before cutting out the star shape.

2.To finish and be able to put the sheriff's star on the lapel you can use velcro, stick a piece of velcro on the star and sew a piece on the shirt or vest that you are going to use for your cowboy costume. You can also choose to use a small safety pin (if it is for children, the velcro option is better). If you want to put the sheriff's star on your cowboy hat you can use a little liquid silicone to stick it on.

To print the stars, click on the images or on the link below each image.

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