Nanotechnology: programs for teachers

Nanotechnology: programs for teachers

03/06: Nanotechnology: "Research Experience for Teachers" program

The “Research Experience for Teachers” (RET) program in science and technology at the nanoscale is part of the University of Washington's participation in the National Network for Nanotechnology Infrastructure (NNIN). This program allows high school science teachers each summer to participate in a ten-day immersion in a laboratory, where they become familiar with the fast-growing field of nanoscale science and engineering, receive help to develop teaching tools, and their enthusiasm and effectiveness are increased to encourage students to pursue nanotechnology-related careers.

Working alongside faculty from the University of Washington Center for Nanotechnology, the NNIN's RET program participants:

  • They study cutting-edge scientific advances in nanoscience and / or nanotechnology, using current laboratory techniques, instruments and approaches.
  • They collaborate in the development of inquiry-based classroom learning activities that engage and excite high school students.
  • They discover science and technology career opportunities at the nanoscale to share with their students later.


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