Domains is

Domains is

It seems that we return to civilization. We commented a few months ago that registering a domain ".es" in was nonsense.

New simplified procedure

The contracting system has been simplified, which allows obtaining the domain in one day with security guarantees for the user and the entity itself. This has been indicated by sources from, who have explained that the public company has launched the telematic reception of information for the assignment of domains, which replaces the face-to-face procedures and the delivery of photocopies to formalize the registration.

Some additional sui generis

The news released says that: “The domain is also delivered under conditions of security for the user, since, in the case of contracting on the Internet, it is necessary to use "secured" bank cards, which require two passwords to operate on the Internet. The public entity is also "shielded" from possible customer defaults, and the domain is only activated once the bank deposit is registered, the aforementioned sources added ".

Nothing is said about the criteria that governed the registration of a domain. We'll be alert.

Video: What is a Domain? (May 2021).