Meaning of name Bernardino

Meaning of name Bernardino

Bernardino, is a masculine name of Germanic origin, its meaning is "The one who is like a strong bear"or"He who is a strong warrior"

History and the Saint

Saint Bernardino of Siena, presbytery. He was born in Massa Marítima, Siena in the year 1380. After finishing his studies in philosophy, civil law, canon law, and research on sacred writing; join the order of observant Franciscans where he continues his studies and preaching.

During the last years of his life, he carried his apostolic addresses to central and northern Italy. When Bernardino entered a city, he carried a banner with him Jesus name monogram (JHS) rsurrounded by 12 rays of fire and light; and crowned with a cross. The banner was placed next to the pulpit and while he gave the sermon, he carried in one hand some wooden tablets, with the same inscription, he was left to kiss at the end of his sermon. These practices earned him several accusations; of which he was acquitted and Pope Eugene IV advised his predication. Regarded as the reformer of the observant FranciscansHe was chosen vicar of the order in 1438 until his death in Aquila in 1444. Patron of Siena and of the wool weavers. He also prays against hoarseness, aphonia, chest and lung diseases.
His Saint is celebrated on May 20.

Other San Bernardino: San Bernardino de Feltre, is celebrated on September 28; San Bernardino de Forza, on November 7 and San Bernardino Realino priest on July 2.

Variant of Bernardino

Bernardino variant of Bernard

Bernardino in other languages:

  • Catalan: Bernardí,
  • French: Berdardin,
  • Italian: Bernardino.

Famous people, famous historical figures by the name of Bernardino:

  • Bernardinode Sahagun, was born in the province of León in 1499, writer and ecclesiastical and considered one of the creators of anthropology in the New World.
  • Bernardino Luini, influenced by LeonardoDa Vinci, stood out as a painter within the Lombard school.
  • Jacques Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre; He was born in Le Havre in 1737. Writer, considered the precursor of the romantic style. His most outstanding works: "Pablo and Virginia", 1788

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