Healthy habits

Healthy habits to reduce the risk of heart disease

Healthy habits to reduce the risk of heart disease

Living a healthy life can lower your risk of having a heart attack, even if your genes say otherwise.

It is known that genes and the Lifestyle affect the heart risk, but the influence of each of these factors, and if one factor can compensate for the other, is unknown.

A new study has found that even people with a high genetic risk of heart problems, they canreduce your chances of having a heart attack, or other heart problems, in half if they don't smoke, eat healthy, exercise, and maintain weight.

A healthy lifestyle mitigating damage from faulty genes

The researchers combined information on more than 55,000 people who were screened for the presence of any of the 50 genes that have been linked to heart risk. And depending on how many of these genes they had, five groups were formed.

They were also classified into three groups based on healthy lifestyle factors: not be obese, exercise at least once a week, eat a healthy diet and not smoke. The favorable lifestyle group had at least three of these four factors, while the unfavorable group had one or none.

The results showed that people with the higher genetic risk were almost twice as likely to develop heart problems than people in the lowest genetic risk group. The same was more or less when the unfavorable lifestyle group was compared to the favorable lifestyle group.

But when genetic and lifestyle factors were combined it was found that a unfavorable lifestyle and high genetic risk, makes the risk of having a heart attack over the next 10 years is a 10%.

But a high genetic risk combined with a good lifestyle, make that the probability of heart attack was reduced to only 5%.

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