Andra Mari Restaurant

Andra Mari Restaurant

Andra Mari Restaurant is not only one of Bilbao's classics, but also a benchmark for Basque cuisine in general, after a career of more than 40 years. It is located, 9 km. from Bilbao in Galdakao, in a beautiful hamlet of Basque folk architecture, next to the Andra Mari S. XIII church). The restaurant is integrated into an environment cominated by views of the Ibaizábal river valley and the nearby mountains of Dima, Oiz and Gorbea,

Roberto Asúa combines tradition and innovation with skill and good craft. The quality of its raw material undermines efforts that go to its own garden for the provision of vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, parsley, aromatic herbs ... native products of the highest quality, and with the traditional recipe book of Basque cuisine as a guide, they are the bases for the development of new ideas. Although there are recipes that have been kept in the last 30 years: There are recipes that have been kept for more than 30 years such as "Bacalaoal club Ranero".

Everything in the restaurant is at the gastronomic height of the best, including the service directed by Margarita Atutxa in a well-cared room with noble woods, careful decoration: table linen, popular Basque ceramic objects, designer cutlery, and an additional collection of engravings.


Google Maps address and phone

Barrio Elexalde, 22 (48960 Galdakao) 9 Km. From Bilbao.
Tel. 944 560 0053 42


Roberto Asúa - Eneko Atxa - José Miguel Olazabalaga

Menu / Recommended dishes

- Anchovies on oregano bread and tomato soup
-Centollo with bacon and Pedro Ximenez strips
-Glazed cod with chickpeas
-Chocolate with orange blossom and citrus
-Tasting menu
-Traditional menu

Other data of interest

Weekly rest: Monday
Holidays :
From April 1 to 6, 2010
From August 2 to 31, 2010

Casa Alfonso Restaurant Rating in the gastronomy guides
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1 star9.252 suns

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