6 unique and original ways to use glass jars at home

6 unique and original ways to use glass jars at home

The Glass jars with lid, they are ideal containers for save all kinds of food or creations of any other character. Normally we all have a few of these at home, waiting to give them some use, but in most cases they tend to end up forgotten in the back of the closet.

So that we do not end up with empty and abandoned glass jars at home, here I bring you a list of 6 ingenious ways to use these glass jars in the decoration or storage of the house.

1.- Pickled vegetables

If you've never tried pickling your own vegetables, this is the perfect time to start doing it (it's so easy!). For this we just have to follow the following steps:

  • 1.- Clean and prepare the vegetables
  • 2.- Place them in glass jars
  • 3.- Add the brine and seasoning. We can make our own brine or buy a reputable brine.
  • 4.- After 7 days, our pickled vegetables will be ready for consumption.

2.- Super salads

Glass jars are ideal for preparing simple lunchtime meals (such as salads). Also, by storing our food in a jar, foods like lettuce will not soften over time and will be fresh at mealtime.

We will achieve this by building our salad in layers: first we will add the salad dressing, then the ingredients, followed by the lettuce and any other food that could be softened (such as croutons).

When we want to eat our salad, we just have to turn the glass jar over a bowl and enjoy the food.

3.- Crazy cocktails

The glass jars have the perfect space to store alcoholic beverages, they are easy to decorate, and you can also drink directly from them.

We just have to tie a bow or rubber band around the bottle and assign a label to know what drink it is and we will have our drink ready for the party. We can also prepare a drink as a party gift (the host will be impressed).

4.- Homemade coffee scrub

If you know the recipe for the coffee scrub and have thought about trying it, now is the time!

Once you've finished your homemade coffee scrub, store it in a small glass jar. The glass jar will keep your scrub fresh and ready for when you want to refresh your skin.

5.- Bouquets of flowers

Flowers play a very important role in the decoration of the house, bringing flashes of color and personality to each room.

One of the easiest and fastest ways to use your glass jars is buying or making a bouquet of flowers, and then placing it in a glass jar somewhere in the house. We can fill the cans with soil if we want and plant the seeds directly there, or simply fill them with water to preserve the flowers in the bouquet for longer.

6.- Candles

Glass jars are ideal for conducting light, so by placing a small candle inside a jar, we can create a beautiful centerpiece. We can also paint the cans in different colors so that the light shines in different tones and colors and thus give our room the desired atmosphere.

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