My friends from Maximum Potential, an antidote to the crisis

My friends from Maximum Potential, an antidote to the crisis

Where the crisis had the greatest impact

Alicante, as is known, was one of the Spanish provinces where the economic crisis was more virulent and traumatic. The massive disappearance of companies and jobs and the absolute collapse of expectations took place in greater depth due to the broader scope of the real estate and financial crisis.

The bankruptcy proceedings it has been the only activity on the rise in traditional offices throughout the province in recent years. We have witnessed the difficulties of subsistence of many highly qualified people, workers and professionals, who saw practically all their clients disappear overnight. Thousands of young people recently graduated without exits, without expectations. It is not necessary to insist too much that these years we have lived a bleak and quite depressing landscape.

The ability to reinvent yourself and identify opportunities

Four friends, an architect, a lawyer, an economist and a businessman, José Manuel Sánchez, Manuel Pomares, Miguel Ángel Guilló and Jose Maria Vicedo neither were they spared the severity of the crisis. However, the attitude of these four friends soon made a substantial difference from the predominant tonic described in their surroundings, so full of pessimism and negative connotations.

Maximum potential:
Manuel Pomares, José M Sánchez, Miguel A. Guilló and José M. Vicedo

Jose Maria VicedoA businessman from Elche, a fighter and expert in personal improvement issues, he was in charge of catalyzing the change of discourse of his friends and raising concerns until he saw "the bottle half full. I still remember the first time I met them for lunch in Campo de Elche. In the midst of the “economic storm”, they radiated hope, the desire to do things, undertake and undertake future projects. His enthusiasm and strength were contagious. His ideas were well founded with serious work, an enormous effort to undertake not only a professional or business reinvention, but also personal.

The social problem of this country: the inertia to act and the fear of failure

My friend Senén Barro (former rector of the University of Santiago and President of the Emprendia Network) a couple of years ago he delighted us with a talk for UNIMOOC entitled "Dare to Act" Well aware of the problem that affects our university students today, Senén masterfully put together a speech to break the passivity and fear of failure of young university students when they face the challenge of entrepreneurship. We will never thank you enough. In fact, its motto is the promotional video for Unimooc (50,000 entrepreneurial students from more than 100 countries).

How to motivate entrepreneurship? How to overcome passivity, negative speech and inertia to act? How to be open to failure if it occurs and learn from it? The art of answering these questions is far from easy.

Maximum Potential, an antidote to the crisis

Jose Maria Vicedo and his friends not satisfied with reinventing themselves personally constituted Maximum Potential. For about four years, apart from diligently attending to their respective business and professional obligations, their extra work, their passion, is Maximum potential. They write blogs (that's how they started), books (leading downloads on Amazon), organize events full of people, build courses with innovative and massive methodologies (like MOOCs).

Books of Maximum Potential

They try to convey, using their own words: "a series of tools, ideas and principles capable of inspiring the greatest number of people to start their own positive revolution ". They emphasize that “There is something that transcends any project, and that is that the person who is involved in the project is capable of giving the best of himself at every moment", And for this his commitment is"provide you with a wide range of tools to identify your personal capabilities, skills and potential...”.

They are enthusiastically engaged in encouraging people to spend to action and break your passivity, pessimism or fear of failure.

The crisis of 29, USA and Dale Carnegie

Actually nothing that is original right ?. I am aware that many academics also tend to tear their clothes on these issues while they almost enjoy and strive to delve into a "reality" where diagnosis, unproductive criticism (solutions are rarely given), pessimism, even catastrophism they reign at ease. All marinated with a lot of scientific rigor.

Meanwhile, these friends of Maximum potential, In all humility and enthusiasm, they are spending their time building an antidote to the crisis that appears to be working. Last Friday they invited me to one of their events with the title. "A day to revolutionize your life positively". Leadership, motivation, creativity issues were discussed by different specialists ... They achieved sponsorship of more than a dozen important companies in the province and the participation of a dozen specialists in various subjects. They filled a packed room with a capacity of more than 800 people.

I met many acquaintances, former students, professionals and entrepreneurs. Everyone knew Maximum potential and the day was like a meeting "open mind”Willing to listen to new ideas to stimulate inspiration, creative thinking, ways of approaching the business world… My former students were all with some exciting personal project and wanting to undertake things.

Maximum potential in the event A day to revolutionize your life positively

It is clear that I trust economists and the ability of macroeconomic adjustments to get us out of the crisis. What I do not agree with is the rigidity of the assumption ceteris paribus that from a methodological premise becomes like a prescription of passivity in everything that does not belong to the orthodoxy of conventional economic policy.

Yes you can do many things. If one of the richest men in the world, Warren buffett, they ask him what has made him succeed in his businesses and investments, he will use the things I am talking about. These issues, far beyond the “coaching“They have excellent recognition in the United States. Companies hire this type of course and the profitability they obtain is beyond any doubt.

In the years that followed the crisis of 29 that hit the US economy hard with the Great Depression, half the country read a simple book: How to Win Friends and Influence People of Dale Carnegie. It addressed in a very understandable and enjoyable the art of relating to people in a positive way. The book trained and motivated hundreds of thousands of executives, salespeople, professionals ... and fostered a proactive attitude to business for many decades to this day. Own Warren buffet had to go to classes Dale Carnegie to overcome his tremendous shyness and to be able to speak in public.

As I said nothing new, but these four friends, apart from successfully solving their professional and business issues, in a country like today's Spain are willing to manufacture a personal antidote to crisis which, believe me, it works.

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty. " - Winston Churchill

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