Meaning of Jesus Name

Meaning of Jesus Name

Jesus male name of Hebrew origin "Yehoshuah or Joshua"consisting of"yahveh"and the root"and Z"is salvation; Jesus means"He who Yahweh is his salvation"or"He who Yahweh is his savior".

Jesus Christ, composed of the word Jesus and the word Christ. Christ is of Hebrew origin "mashiaj" what does it mean he anointed (king or priest signed with the holy oil) applied to the Messiah. The first Christians considered the name of Jesus as disrespectful and the name of Christ was that of the one sent to liberate the people of Israel.

History and the Saint

Jesus or Jesus Christ is the most important figure of Christianity, was born in Bethlehem, Judea between 8 and 4 BC, son of Maria and Joseph the carpenter of Nazareth. From the sixth century it is considered that the Christian era begins with its birth. Jesus represents for Christians, the son of God incarnate. The life of Jesus is found in the Gospels, written in the second half of the first century. On the eighth day of his birth Jesus underwent circumcision as a symbol of belonging to the people of Israel, this day is commemorated on January 1.

Variant of Jesus

Jesus variant Jesus Christ and in diminutive: Chus.

Jesus in other languages:

  • Catalan: Jesus.
  • French: Jesus.
  • English: Jesus.
  • Italian: Gesu.

Famous, famous historical figures with the name of Jesus

  • Jesus Blasco, was born in Barcelona in 1919, an outstanding author, cartoonist and scriptwriter of comics embodied in adventure stories.
  • Jesus ferrero, was born in Zamora, Spain in 1952, a brilliant poet and novelist, among his works: "The Doppler effect", 1990; "The Thirteen Roses", 2003; the script of"Bullfighter", 1986 together with Almodóvar.
  • JesusJaneiro Bazán, Jesulín de Ubrique; He was born in Ubrique in 1974. A popular bullfighter, he began as a child, at the age of twelve, because of his fervor for being a bullfighter. He retired from the arena at the end of 2007.
  • Jesus of the Well, one of the most important Spanish fashion designers; in the eighties together Adolfo Domínguez headed the motto "the wrinkle is beautiful"revolutionizing the world of urban fashion to spread its name throughout the world.

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