Cheap trip to Rome

Cheap trip to Rome

Visit Rome in two days

What we saw of Rome in 2 days

It seems incredible but it has been like that, a lightning trip to Rome. We thought that we would not have time to see everything we wanted but yes, we have achieved it! Although ... we had a lot to know, in two days we can see Rome and enjoy its streets, museums, architecture and culture. Our two day trip to Rome It has been incredible, I recommend it.

Our trip started in Valencia, the flight left at 9:00 in the morning from Manises, Valencia. We took a hotel in the town of Manises, the hotel was called the travelodge Valencia Aeropuerto. We can say that we will return, a good, nice and cheap hotel. It cost us € 37 for a double room with breakfast, a simple and functional hotel, clean and perfect for spending a night near the airport. It had easy street parking, no need to pay for parking. Breakfast is complete: pastries, toasts, continental breakfast, coffee, juice ... As we were traveling from Valencia, we left the car in a long-stay car park, it was called Valencia Parking (€ 14 two days).

We arrived in Rome. We were traveling with Ryanair and it would arrive at Ciampino airport. On the same plane they offered us the tickets to get to Termini from the airport by bus. We buy tickets from bus Ciampino - Termini for € 8 per person round trip at any time we wanted, they passed every half hour, every day of the week. So we arrived at Termini (Rome's main train station), we arrived at the Republic square and looked for the hotel, which was in Via Nazionale, 46. The hotel we chose was the Eurostars International Palace.

Good hotel in Rome? We got it, the truth was that we were very surprised. A very clean, classic and renovated hotel. We did not buy breakfast because it was somewhat expensive and there were many cafes just down the street from the hotel. Maybe the room a bit expensive, but it was worth it because we were in the center, close to everything walking, in a quiet area, excellent service and very clean and comfortable. Just over € 200 two nights with municipal hotel taxes (€ 3 per person per night) included. At the door of the hotel many buses passed that took to places of interest such as Trevi's fountain (Bus No. 62), The Trastevere (Bus H)… All amenities.

What to see in Rome in 2 days?

Trevi Fountain at Night

Day 1 in Rome. We arrived in Rome at 11:30, we went to the hotel. We didn't know where to start, so since it was raining we decided to start with the Vatican museum (Entrance € 16 per person) and when leaving, we ate in a modern restaurant there called Lui and we ate a menu of € 12 per person that included salad (simple), pasta and chicken, the drink apart (3, € 5 1 liter of water); highly recommended. In the afternoon we went to St. Peter's Square and the Basilica of Saint Peter. On leaving we went to see the Castillo de Sant Angelo (a fairytale castle) and the Sant Angelo bridge where the views were spectacular, the dome of saint peter illuminated, the river sparkled with the street light ...

From there we look for the bus to Trevi Fountain where we tossed the coin, took photos, saw the square and enjoyed a Roman classic. After that visit we went to see the Spain Square, beautiful with huge stairs and views (already at night) of the city very beautiful. As we had eaten late and there were many people in that area, we decided to have a pizza and have dinner while walking. We had a delicious pizza and went to the hotel.

Rome from Il Vittoriano

During the day 1 in Rome We only took the Metro to go to the Vatican, from Republic Square to the Vatican, because we wanted to walk and see the city. It is incredible to see Rome walking by, the buildings are beautiful, the columns, the domes, the basilicas and churches on every street, the shops… Everything! From the Vatican to the Trevi Fountain we took the bus (number 62) because it was far away and it was raining. Ah !! We could not enter the Sistine Chapel because it was with the conclave, it was closed to the public, but is not included in the entrance to the Vatican museum.

Day 2 in Rome. We got up early and went to breakfast. We had breakfast at Gusto 2004 in Via Nazionale 215 (in front of the hotel) where we had 2 caffe latte, a continental breakfast and a nutella crepe and they charged us € 16. It was great and, where we were, the treatment and the quality of the breakfast, very well priced. From there we went to enjoy Rome. Today I played see Ancient Rome (It was sunny and it was a luxury to walk). We start with the Monument to Vitorino Emanuele I that is seen from afar, enormous and how much more striking. Monument to the Roman homeland. We climbed to the top thanks to the “Panoramici ascent”Offered by“ Rome from heaven ”(€ 7). From one side you could see the Ancient Rome, the roman forums, he Coliseum, the Colona Traiana, the Mercati Traianel… and, from the other, you could enjoy the organization of the city, the view of the streets, the organization and, of course, the basilicas and churches were distinguished by the size of their domes, drawing an impressive framework.

We entertained ourselves in Il Vittoriano and from there we went to the Colosseum. As it was Saturday, there was a queue (Tip: If you buy the Roma Pass you enter without queuing and, if you buy the day before, there is no queue.) We bought the tickets (€ 12 for the entrance to the Colosseo + Palatino + Roman Forum) and we enjoyed for hours the tour, views, history and architecture of one of the most emblematic monuments of Rome. From there we crossed to the Foro and Palatino, passing through the Arco di Costantino and stopping before to eat in one of those carts that are on the street where they sell dogs, pizza bread ... We did not want to waste time !! They charged us for 2 pizza bread and water € 7. We were in the Forum for a short time, we were tired and we decided to enjoy a short walk and a view from Piazza S. Francesca Romana.

We were moving !! We caught a bus to go from the Colosseum to Piazza Navona and the Pantheon. We arrived and went to the Pantheon squareAs there was mass and we couldn't get in until 18:00, we went to have an ice cream - Gelato. We chose classic Italian ice cream flavors: Tiramisu, Strachatella, Tartufo and Nutella… Delicious !! Two medium tubs at the Chocol Ice ice cream parlor in the Plaza del Panteón cost us € 8. We walked around seeing the Chigi Palace, he Montecitorio Palace, he Madama Palace… And we returned to the Pantheon, it was time. We saw it from the inside, we toured and left towards Piazza Navona where we enjoyed the charm and life of it, the painters and their paintings displayed in the center of the square, the balconies with flowers, awnings and a picture of an endearing Italy.

From there we went to Field of Fiori where there was a beautiful flower shop, an old stand on one side of the square that conveyed affection and a lot of tradition. We went around the square, seeing the fountains and life in the area. And ... from there we went to Trastevere for dinner. We took the tram (number 8 from Plaza Argentina) to stop 1 after crossing the bridge. We walked through the streets arriving at the Church square and having dinner in one of the restaurants that were there. Dinner was not very good and the price was € 50 or more, I do not remember and we did not have a good dinner. It seemed that it did, it looked good, a good menu, a lovely terrace but ... the kitchen was not very good. We took the H bus and returned to the hotel, we walked a bit along Via Nazionale and returned to the hotel.

Day 3. Return to Valencia. At 7:45, our flight left for Spain. At Termini the Ryanair bus was waiting for us to get to the airport. At 10:30 we were already in Valencia. A special, fast trip and… where the message is… We will repeat !!

Tips for Rome:

  • Do not sit down for lunch or dinner in any restaurant where the menu is not posted on the door before entering. [See tips Eating well in Italy]
  • Buying bus tickets from the airport to Termini on the plane is a great relief and convenience.
  • They cannot charge services or taxes in restaurants
  • Bus vouchers are € 1.50 for 100 minutes from the time you exchange it, € 3 for a day… 1 Only metro in the 100-minute one and all the buses and trams you want. There are no reviewers or, we were never asked for the tickets and, yes, there are fines (they told us)
  • The tram is very fast, comfortable and the frequency is very high.
  • Walking around and avoiding the bus as much as possible saves time and enjoys the city more. Although more tired, one is impressed with the buildings, facades, sculptures ... on each street.
  • Get the entrance to the colosseum the day before or buy the Roma Pass (we did not buy it because some tickets like the Vatican and others did not enter and we only went two days, it was not worth it).

In short, we got very cheap flights, the hotel was very good value for money in the center of Rome, we ate well and well priced and enjoying the stay was not expensive for us to be a European capital.

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